Manifestation Magic Review (2021): Is It Worth It? My Verdict


I was quite suspicious about the manifestation magic. While it looked like a great idea in theory, does it work? Can you really manifest more money in reality?

One of my good friends kept informing me about their positive experiences, So after that, I have decided to find out, and I did lots of research on it. But I have seen that some of them raved about Manifestation Magic. So, leaving my doubt at the door, I purchased the program and jumped right into it.

My Manifestation Magic review is 100% real on my personal experience with this program. I have shared some good and bad points about it. I’ll also expose accurately how I benefited and the transformations that happened in my life.

Just want to understand whether Manifestation Magic is right for you?

Read on to find out.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is based on a digital audio program that has designed by Alexander Wilson. It applies sound wave technology to reprogram negative feelings, thoughts, and traumas that can affect us.

Have you ever listened to the Law Of Attraction, then you must be on the right track?

The main difference with Manifestation Magic is that it applies a process called “Energy Orbiting”, which reaches deep into the subconscious mind to kill negative thoughts that are keeping you back.

It then increases your vibrational frequencies so you can manifest your wishes.

The tapes assist you to always stay in a positive state during the day, so you can add manifesting great things into your life.

Manifestation Magic provides an entirely new meaning to plug and play. In fact, Alexander Wilson relates to it as “Push and Manifest,” as you just push a button to get going.

In law, you can manifest anything you desire in life with this program. A new car…new life partner…

However, the particular focus of the program is really to assist people to manifest money into their lives.

As well as the audio tracks that you hear to in the main program, there are also various bonuses in the form of extra audio tracks, eBooks, and highly related coronavirus rescue equipment.

(However, note that the freebies you get are dependent on which package you want to buy).

Who will get the benefit from this program?

I believe Manifestation Magic can benefit several people, including anyone who:

  • Who really wants to attract more money into their life
  • Lacks confidence with money and wants to be allowed
  • Would love to find their true mission and aim in life
  • Needs to eliminate their negative subconscious ideas
  • Wants to build better relationships with the people they want.

So, one kind of person that this program will not get any benefit is those with a closed mind.

Even manifestation has much hit the mainstream now, there are still people who just don’t believe that you can bring real things into your life through attraction and faith.

Therefore, if you don’t consider Manifestation Magic is enough capable of working, then this program is not for you.

Who am I?

I am a 30-something woman who wants to open her mind. I am 100% into self-development and applying hacks, tips, and methods to enhance my life.

So, when it comes to new-age methods and “out there” thoughts, I tend to compare them carefully.

My conscious mind filters out any ideas that are too risky.

Therefore, it may feel a small scary examining these new ideas, such as manifestation.

But as I start to learn and grow as a person, I am starting to adopt these new approaches. After all, we have to be open to new ways to develop and learn various things.

Nobody wants to go outside of their comfort zone, so attempting out Manifestation Magic was a trial step for me. A step into a world that I didn’t remember much about.

But I was happy that I chose to give it a go. I ended up performing the entire program.

Read my complete Manifestation Magic review to see my experience with it and the shocking benefits I have got.

Who is Alexander Wilson?

Alexander Wilson hit rock bottom in his life and led to transform his life around after finding manifestation systems.

Call it coincidence or luck…

He had lost his job, his car broke down, and he almost missed being killed when a roof fell in the pool house where he lived.

These incidents all occurred in a short time.

Of the back of all this, he felt forced to order an Uber. The driver was a successful natural and healer called Phoenix.

After he had crashed into Phoenix in two moments, she showed to him the way of manifestation. He has designed the program so everybody could perform it.

He utilized almost $25,000 of his own money to build Manifestation Magic.

He brought out analysis experiments, used testers, and a sound engineer’s expert experience to build the audiotapes.

Alexander had a qualification in Psychology (Masters) and practices manifestation systems with numerous well known spiritual leaders.

What you will get with Manifestation Magic

The Manifestation Magic basically is a program that is apparently in its 2nd edition. It has been recently updated based on feedback from active program members.

There are currently 3 various Manifestation Magic packages accessible.

I purchased the second package (the middle priced one). Here’s what I got in it:

  • Quick-Start Manifestation Guide. When you will purchase the program and will access the member’s area, you can easily open the Quick-Start Manifestation guide. This guide describes how everything actually works.
  • The Complete “Energy Orbiting” Autopilot Audio System. This includes numerous transformational audio tracks that utilize Energy Orbiting. The standout track is “Twilight Transformation.” All you have to do is insist on the play button in bed. The brainwave tech inside the audio track would relax your brain into a “theta state” as you sleep.
  • The Chakra Power System. This program has 7 x 10-minute audio tracks as well. You just have to listen to one track every week to clear away any “abundance blocks.” By the seventh week, your “gravitational field” will be higher and you will pull your wishes towards you.
  • The 360 Transformation System. This program adds 7 extra “Energy Orbiting” audio tracks. There are a few examples of the “Wealth Awakening” track. This track will assist you to solve any financial hurdle. There is also the “The Whispering Waves” audio track that makes you begin seeing the world as a millionaire.
  • Corona Rescue Package. This very relevant package adds some tips and plans to thrive during the corona lockdown. Added are 20 practical plans for producing new income in this uncertain economic situation.
  • Lifetime Access To The “Push Play” App. You can access your smartphone or tablet to these tracks whenever and wherever you actually want.

My Personal Experience

After performing the Manifestation Magic program, I am now more exposed to the idea of manifestation.

I discovered that moving out of my comfort zone was a bit of a drive. But it was a liberating experience.

I loved the fact that you required no previous knowledge about manifesting. It was as easy as listening to some lines and relaxing.

Here is how I moved about listening to the audio tracks.

I listened to the Twilight Transformation track before sleeping. And every day I would wake up feeling more relaxed and with more positive energy. Conditions that bugged me in the past don’t look as significant now.

Many times I also heard the Wealth Activator and “10-minute meditator” audio tracks. I made this when I wanted to have a rest from work or while I was doing jobs at home.

I liked the change in my mindset from hearing these tracks. It was a welcome change to not worry about small things. I have also quit overthinking and I had more spontaneity.

And did I manifest more money into my life?

Yes and no.

While I haven’t got any important windfalls yet, I immediately picked up numerous well paying writing jobs.

These didn’t just drop into my lap. Now I have much confidence to put myself out there and join publishing companies straight for work.

Normally, I’m very passive when it comes to finding new clients. However, after only a few days with these audio tracks, I felt like I finally knew my value as a writer. And I became decided to maximize it.

I have also designed a more relaxed way to money. I believe this move is a direct impact of the Manifestation Magic audiotracks.

How Much Does Manifestation Magic Cost?

As I mentioned before, the Manifestation Magic program has 3 various package options. One of the cheapest package, Manifestation Magic 2.0, costs $27. The middle package only(which I purchased) is $37, and the platinum version is $97.

While all 3 packages aren’t pocket change, I consider they’re excellent value for money.

Alexander Wilson has given plenty of time and money to building Manifestation Magic. In fact, he could probably charge many more if he wanted to.

And if they assist you to manifest more money into your life, then your return on investment will be vital.

Scam alert: Always purchase from the original website

Manifestation Magic has become famous recently. Unfortunately, when writing this Manifestation Magic review, I saw many fake websites trying to sell it.

Importantly for you, these websites don’t seem to offer all the great bonuses the official Manifestation Magic program gives. And they surely don’t come with a money-back guarantee.

Please be informed of this sort of site.

You just need to make sure you purchase Manifestation Magic from the official site. Any link to this article will take you to a genuine website, such as this one.

Manifestation in a Nutshell

An incredible 95% of our ideas come from your subconscious brain.

Sadly, these are usually negative ideas.

Manifestation will assist with this inequality… but what is manifesting all about?

Manifestation is a method of imagining what you would like in your life. Then you begin the method of attracting it to you.

The manifestation program assists people to raise themselves to high-level frequencies. They can then attract high-level things in their lives.

You work as a big magnet, pulling things you desire towards you.

Move over Magneto…

Energy Orbiting Explained

Manifestation Magic is a straightforward manifestation program.

Now you don’t have to spend time performing exercises, reading books, or follow a course. You only have to listen to some energy orbiting audiotapes.

Here’s a little more background into the energy orbiting process.

The study of audio frequencies, Cymatics, has discovered that all frequency has a deep vibrational DNA. This analysis began Alexander Wilson and his expert sound engineer to harness this sound DNA and found “Energy Orbiting.”

The audiotapes on Manifestation Magic will help to change brain waves from a beta state into theta state in only 8 minutes.

The tapes go intense into your subconscious mind to eliminate any negative problems and then increase your vibrational frequencies so you can manifest.

It applies subliminal “mind commands” to kill old thinking patterns and replace them with positive ones.


Here are a few things I loved most about Manifestation Magic.

  • Easy to use. This is quite a simple and straightforward manifesting program on the market. Now you don’t need to see any books, study a course, or do any workouts. You only have to listen to some audio tracks.
  • Deeper than most programs. The program works deeper into the subconscious levels than other programs perform. Most of the other manifestation programs just clear negative problems on the surface of the subconscious.
  • The Corona Rescue Pack. I especially liked the very topical corona rescue equipment. It has some magnificent racks and information to support you to stay healthy throughout the current pandemic.
  • Digital download. Everything can be downloadable, so this is helpful for the comfort of access. With the two more costly packages, you will have lifetime access to the “Push Play” app.
  • Freebies are galore. There are numerous different freebies, rely on the package that you choose. If you compare the original prices for these standalone products, you can easily save hundreds of dollars.
  • Real reviews. The program is 100% legitimate. It was excellent to view some video reviews on the website from genuine people and I found numerous positive reviews on Reddit and Facebook as well.
  • The resource is only digital.

It can be accessed only on digital devices.

  • It’s a commitment.

The PDF will only show efficiency if you are willing to completely dedicate yourself to a particular way of thought.

  • Manifestation takes time.

The expected results do not come immediately. You have to invest time in it for you to achieve your desired result.

The pros of Manifestation Magic

The Cons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Manifestation Magic

You can see there are numerous questions on the internet about Manifestation Magic. I have chosen the most common questions for you and answered them.

Q. What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is based on an audio track manifestation program designed by Alexander Wilson. It applies sound wave technology called “Energy Orbiting” to reprogram negative feelings, thoughts, and traumas. When the negative areas have gone, you can easily manifest money and other wishes into your life.

Q. Who is Alexander Wilson?

Alexander Wilson has done a master’s degree in Psychology and has practiced manifestation methods for numerous years. He hit rock bottom and was able to apply his methods to rebuild his life. He then examined and designed Manifestation Magic so others could change their lives.

Q. Is it legit?

Manifestation Magic is surely not a scam. On the website, you can see several videos and written reviews from satisfied customers. Also, due to fame, the package was recently updated to a second version. The changes made were highlighted by active members who wanted to enhance the program further.

Q. How does it work?

Manifestation Magic is very simple to perform. You just need to listen to the audiotapes as directed. It is probable to listen to some of them as you sleep.

Q. How much does Manifestation Magic cost?

The cheapest package is available just only $27. The middle package is only $37, and the most expensive is only $97.

Q. Is it worth it?

Yes. I was a manifestation unbeliever going in, but I loved the program and now I am enjoying my new positive mindset towards money and life as usual.

Final verdict:

At the end of the program, I must say that the Manifestation Magic was the complete introduction to manifesting the latest things into my life. If you are currently finding new ways to enhance your situation, this could assist you too.

There are many different manifestation programs out there. But none are as simple as this one.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to manifestation. Like me, you can also easily follow this program.

You don’t need to complete any workouts, and you just have to listen to some tracks why you are asleep.

It is essential to note that while the focus is on manifesting money, there are other true benefits. If you have underlying difficulties keeping you back in general, this program will surely help you get rid of them.

I’m very thankful I took the Manifestation Magic program. It has opened my eyes to the strength of manifestation and many practical benefits (money and otherwise) that can flow from it.

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